12 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

My dear Koteliansky
   I feel better. I went to the clinic yesterday and Manoukhin says all is going according to plan. The reaction is practically over. I have gained 15 pounds! If this ‘succeeds' really I hope and believe I shall be able to do much for Manoukhin. It is extraordinary: he is simply not known. In a week or so I am going to meet Bunin and Kuprin at M's flat. To think one can speak with somebody who really knew Tchekhov.
   You know Koteliansky darling, when I write about myself I feel it is selfish and heartless because of all that is happening to the world that you have known. Forgive me!
   I press your hands. Do you remember "God sent the crow. . . a piece of cheese".
                   Yours ever
                         Katherine. [To S. S. Koteliansky, 8 April 1922.]