11 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dearest Violet,
I am so sorry my letter distressed you. But what was ‘your doing', my dear? There is nothing to undo as far as I am concerned. I felt Sydney would have been - much more than bored. I wanted to spare him. And I felt, too, reluctant to speak of important things just now. . . that Id nothing ‘useful' to say. Don't you think one has these moments in life?
‘No', you are saying ‘this won't do, Katherine. Why, if all this is true, didn't you on Sunday. . . ' But the fact is I did not realise until Sunday - until after Sunday my need for reflection.
Dont, if you can help it, think me too horrid. Indeed I am with all my heart
Devotedly yours
Katherine. [To Violet Schiff, 19 September 1922.]