11 Mar

11 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

[. . .] (B) P.V. is too small to contain Waterlow during the months that I am there, in my opinion, and I would very very much prefer to have our own home for those months. I long to be alone and at home with you more than ever I did. And I am afraid I do not like Waterlow at all - or his wife. I distrust him. But the question of space and our own intimacy makes it I think impossible. If you agree will you please tell him immediately to leave P.V. in the last week in April so that there will be time to rearrange the rooms & so that Violet can clean them. If I do not hear from you in regard to this I shall be quite at sea.
(C) About Violet. You ‘ignored' my plan. Did you give her my letter? How shall I write to her if I dont know? And I must write at once and make arrangements for my coming home. Did you discuss my plan with her? I know you received it for it was in the letter you in part answered.
I cannot tell you, my darling Bogey, how distracting it is not to know these things. You write to me as though I had been away 8 years.
(D) We shall do all that is necessary to the house & don't buy anything till I return - will you dearest?
(E) Please ask Sullivan to review my story if it is not too late.
Well, darling, I am sorry to worry you but I am so very very anxious to know these things. I felt when you talked of my 8 months away as though you hardly cared if I ever came home again. It did hurt!
Yours for ever
Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters 10 March 1920]