11 July

11 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Tuesday lunch Schiffs Sydney to dinner Tuesday
Virginia, Wed. afternoon
Blundens dine Friday

[KM Notebooks]

I would be delighted to see you on Friday but we have the little tiny Blundens coming to dinner and as Arthur is here as well we are full up inside. If you would come after it would be delightful - or dine here on Sunday evening - come early so that we can talk. On Saturday evening I am taking le jeune Peintre to see the Rushing Ballet . My mornings are all spent on the typewriter: I am simply fiendishly busy with journal¬ism and the Higher Walks . . . But what price Blazing July!! Every stove in the house is red. Do come soon and tell me of your discovery if its undiscoverable.

Come button your boots with a Tiger's Tail
And let down your golden hair
And live for a Week on Bubble and Squeak
At the foot of the Winding Stair
And when you feel like a conger eel
Or as Tough as an old Split pea
Lift up the lid as the hedgehog did
And come and listen to me
To be Kontinued. [A childhood rhyme]

[To Dorothy Brett in Collected Letters, 12 July 1920]