11 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

But after this long parenthesis let me come back to ‘Futility' one moment. Shall I tell you what I think you may have to guard against? You have a very keen, very delightful sense of humour. Just on one or two occasions (par exemple when you took Nina into a corner & slapped her hand to the amusement of the others) I think you give it too full a rein. I wonder if you feel what I mean? To me, that remark trembles towards - - a kind of smartness - a something too easy to be worth doing. I hope one day, we shall have a talk about this book. Let me once more wish it & you every possible success.
   Now for your photograph. Its so kind of you to have sent it to me. I am very happy to have it. When I possess a room with a mantelpiece again on the mantelpiece you will stand. Judging by it you look as though you were very musical. Are you? [To William Gerhardi, 10 July1922.]