11 February 1921

11 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

My dear Sylvia Lynd

Your letter and your book made a sort of Fête de Saint Sylvie of yesterday. Your lovely little letter brought you back to me so clearly - very radiant, in air blue and primrose, sitting for a moment in time on my small sofa - the one which in private life is known as 'the stickleback'. . .

Thank you very much-indeed-please for The Swallow Dive. It is full of the most beautiful things. You turn to Beauty like a flower to the light (I must put it in the third person. Its easier to say.) She fills and glows with it and is like a shining transparent cup of praise . .  Early morning light, I feel, with the grass still pearled, and long, slender shadows . . . If you were here I should like to say . . . "Caroline crying after she had heard of Ethel's engagement", "her moment of leaving her Aunt Mildred's house for ever", "her top of the bus ride", her pink cotton frock drifting through July in London. As to The Fall of Antioch, I hear it, I smell it, I know it as if I had played in it. But above all Ashleem! Your early morning description of Ashleem, Miss, took away my breff.

[Letter to Sylvia Lynd in Collected Letters, 10 February 1921.]