10 June

10 June 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Anne Darling,
Will you come Tuesday of next week to tea and then to dinner and Drey at 7 p.m. that will be very perfect. I expect I will meet David in a railway carriage when he is about 20 and too beau for words and I am 53. At any rate I shall always carry a gay umbrella from this day. I shall have un ombrelle vert fait expres avec des petits harpes d'or. Heaven keep us until Tuesday. [To Anne Drey in Collected Letters]

Love Birds at 47B
Male and female.
male green underbody, wings mole tipped with yellow, broad at base, gradually growing smaller until the head feathers as clase as can be, yellow faces, a touch of pale blue on the chops and top of the beak. On the exquisite black spots, points of jet under the beak. Tail of male bird blue. Female yellow with overbody of pale green in delicate pencil lines. The bird is yellow but a green yellow. Male bird burrows in its back, finds [KM Notebooks, undated]