10 Jan

10 January 1920

Casetta Deerholm, Ospedaletti - Italy

Father's marriage: news from Marie. Spent the evening writing another column. Help me, God! And then L.M. came in to say I was ½ an hour slow. Just did it in time. Had talk with L.M. our friendship is returning - in the old fashion. Thought out The Exile. Appalling night of misery deciding that J. had no more need of our love. [KM Notebooks]

When you were here my cough nearly stopped I was always hungry I slept all night. Now don't think that means I regret you are not here now. It does not. All it means is that I must not be alone. I will wire you when I do go. It will be by motor of course. But DONT worry dearest love. All is well.
This has of course thrown my work out utterly. But Ive sent the one review this evening & another shall go with this letter tomorrow.
S. & A. would have it ruined in a week. The Shestov! Did you ever! But you are just a little marvel. Oh, our Wing too late for your train. Did you kiss him enough to make up? Kiss him again for me.
Your true love

The carol was lovely. I am so glad about the Hardy. Arthur sent me a really wonderful letter - dont be cross with the dear old boy. Give him a hug from me & tell him Ill write as soon as I possibly can. But my pen is very lourde at the moment. My love to Sydney & to Violet. Did Gertie get my present? Please ask Violet. Don't forget about chestnuts boiled put through the sieve & then made the consistency of mashed potatoes. [To J.M.Murry in Collected Letters, 9 January 1920]