10 August

10 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

My dear Violet,
Yes, our letters crossed. It was a joy to hear from you and you are too generous in your criticism of my work for the paper. Nevertheless, its immensely stimulating to know that I give you pleasure - I often say things expressly for you both - Im sure you know I do.
This week I had happened to read a really typical article in an imbecile ‘womans paper' and I threw my three silly novels away and wrote about it instead. I am afraid the greater number of readers will think I have gone mad. But oh, they are such DULL dogs sometimes and I am ill - I must be gay. My heart and my cough, my dear woman, won't let me walk up and down stairs, even, at present. Im afraid I cannot come to you. You know how much I would like to. And Im not sure when I can get away to France; Im not 'up' to the journey - as they say, at present. It is very cursed; I try not to mind: I mind terribly.
But forgive me. You have a right to be disgusted with me for being ill, I know. If I ever am well and strong again Ill try and make up for this unsatisfactory
K.M. [To Violet Schiff in Collected Letters]