10 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Have you read Aarons Rod - Lawrence's latest book? There seems to me something very fine in it - so vigorous - so full of growth. I had a long miserable disgusted look at Rebecca Wests Judge. Ugh! How dreadful! I felt horribly ashamed of it.
   Yes, wasn't the Times shameful about Proust. The coarseness of the mind that could write so! But never has English criticism been at such a low ebb as at this moment. Nobody has anything to say. As for the Nation it is as dead as mutton.
   A storm rages while I write this dull letter. It sounds so splendid, I wish I were out in it.
   Murry has spent the summer in the mountains. At present he is with Elizabeth - the real one, of course. He looks forward, I know, to seeing you next month. I go to Paris in about a fortnight. But my plans are very vague. I hope to spend the winter in Italy. Murry sent me Sydney's letter about his novel. I envied him such a letter with all my heart. Goodbye, dearest Violet. The time I spent with you & Sydney in Paris is so vivid. I love to think of it. With much love to you both.
               Ever yours
                       K.M. [To Violet Schiff, 9 August 1922.]