10 April 1921

10 April 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

10.iv[?].1921. A Sweet Old Lady

        Do treat me just for once as a weekly paper that pays you let’s say £950 a year for one article a week - a ‘personal’article — intimate — only about yourself. For 3 days no-one has been near my bed with a letter. Your postcard in the train came this evening — but that’s all.>

The Tig Courier, Sir is a weekly paper that pays you, £950 a year for an article, personal as possible, the more intimate the better. For three days the editor has been waiting for your copy. Tonight she got a p.c. written in a train; but that was all. Will you tell her (a) your reasons for withholding it (as subtle as you like) or (b) when she may expect it.

[KM Notebooks, undated.]