10 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Brett and Jack's brother are coming for Easter, but only staying for a week. Of course you will have to be on the spot for Papa. Perhaps you'd rather wait until after his coming (it sounds as though he was a celestial person out of the prayer book.) Of course, in spite of my saying do come - you know don't you that I would understand perfectly if you didn't, if it was in the least inconvenient. Dont ever feel bound in any way as far as I am concerned. Jack says of course he will send you a copy of his book but he is afraid you won't like it. He doesn't think much of it himself. His next will be much better. And I hesitate to send you mine because you may think it ‘personal' - like old V. did. Thats so difficult to explain. You see the Daughters of the Late C. were a mixture of Miss Edith & Miss Emily, Ida, Sylvia Payne, Lizzie Fleg, and ‘Cyril' was based on Chummie. To write stories one has to go back into the past. And its as though one took a flower from all kinds of gardens to make a new bouquet. But this is a thing which no amount of talking can change. One either feels it, or doesn't feel it . . . About writing a novel - I am going to write a kind of serial novel for The Sphere this summer - to start in August. You [are] right, my dear, one is kept very busy. But one wouldn't have it otherwise.
[To Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins, 8 April 1922.]