1 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dearest Father,
   I am so sorry to have made that foolish mistake about the date - writing 4 for 14. It was right in my mind and wrong on paper. I shall be delighted to take tea with you at Bath's Hotel next Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, thank you, darling.
   This afternoon Jack and I are going down to East Grinstead for the week-end to "see a man about a house". It sounds a very nice one and in the pink of condition. His idea is that we shall share it with him. But I will not enter into detail here. If anything comes of it, I shall be able to tell you on Monday.
   How extremely unfortunate that poor Renshaw should be afflicted so seriously with malaria! More especially that he should be in for a bad bout of attacks just now. It is a complaint I know very little about. I wonder if it responds to inoculation? I know Ida's father, who specialised in these matters, used to say it was a thirteen years' infection but unless one became reinfected it disappeared. But there's no great consolation to be derived from that. I can imagine poor little Jeanne's distress.
   Yes, isn't the weather past praying for. There has not been one out and out fine summer day since we came back.
   With fondest love, Father dear,
                      Ever your devoted child,
                                                     Kass [To Harold Beauchamp, 1 September 1922.]