1 November 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

But in the meantime, love, please never take what I say for ‘absolute'. I do not take what you say for ‘final'. I try & see it as relative. Essentially, you and I are together. I love you & I feel you are my man. Its that I want to build on and realise and really live in one of these days. So I shall write at least twice a week & tell you any odd things that are happening. Will you tell me, too?
Last night, for instance, in the salon we learnt to make rugs from long pieces of corn. Very nice ones. Very easy to make, too. I have been in the carpenters shop all the morning. The small forge is alight, Mr Gudjieff is planing, a Mr Salzmannl is making wheels. Later on I shall learn carpentry. We are going to learn as many trades as possible, also all kinds of farm work. The cows are being bought today. Gurdjieff is going to build a high couch in the stable where I can sit & inhale their breath! I know later on I shall be put in charge of those cows. Everyone calls them already "Mrs Murrys cows".
This letter must be posted, love. Do please forgive my two silly ones. I learn terribly slowly, my precious Veen, & I must not hurt you.
Ever your own
I am making a cure of goats milk - 4 times a day! [To J. M. Murry, 2 November 1922.]