1 Feb

1 February 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

No F. No G.

A.M. My room is horrible. Very noisy. A constant clatter & a feeling as though one were doorless. French people don't care a hang how much noise they make. I hate them for it. Stayed in bed. Felt very ill but didn't mind because of the reason. The food was really appalling. Nothing to eat. At night old Casetta feelings. Like madness. Voices and words & half visions. No F No M. [KM Notebooks]

My dear Bogey
I have just received your Thursday & Friday evening letters. Thank you from my heart for doing that for Gertie. It was a beautiful little act on your part and I am so proud that you should have done it.
About the Grant Richards book (did I tell you he is coming South this month?) I think the Black Cap had better not be included. But I will send you another story ‘A Second Helping' it is called, to go in its place. I shall try and get it typed here. My copy of Je ne parle pas or your copy - isn't it? - arrived yesterday. It looks lovely but I am not at all satisfied with the story.
About the house. Dear Bogey, why do you TORMENT yourself as you say? Or is that only your way of saying it? I am sure it is the wrong attitude and it will only tire and exhaust you so that you will be "sick of the whole subject" very soon.
Its no good my writing every day. I cant. I simply feel you dont read the letters. I try and do my own work instead. Theres a much better chance that you'll read that one day - though why you should I dont know.
Yes, this is a very suitable place to be in - it is safe and very healthy.
Goodbye dearest
Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters, 2 February 1920]