09 October

9 October 1920

Villa Isola Bella Menton, France

By the way Maggie, Walpoles heroine had the Kosmos behind her, too. Its blowing guns today - a choppy sea - my favourite sea - bril¬liant blue with the white lifting - lifting as far as one can see - rather big unbroken waves near the shore. Butterflies love a day like this. They love to fling themselves up in the air & then be caught by the wind and rocked and flung and lightly fluttered. They pretend to be frightened. They cling as long as they can to a leaf and then - take a butterfly long breath - up they go - away they sail - quivering with joy and delight. It must be a kind of surf bathing for them - flinging themselves down the wind.
You know how when one woman carries the newborn baby the other woman approaches & lifts the handkerchief from the tiny face & bends over & says "Bless it". But Im always wanting to lift the handkerchief off lizards faces & pansies faces & the house by moonlight. Im always wanting to put a blessing on what I see. Its a queer feeling.
Am I near you? I feel we are so near each other. I feel that our love has changed: it seems to have grown in grace.
Here are three little photographs, darling. Do you like them? L.M. always seems to take the same, and then she has (cant you see it) washbasins full of prints - dozens of one kind.
Goodbye for now my darling
Wig. [Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters 7 October 1920]