09 August

9 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

I am writing to say that to our great disappointment we shall not be able to come on Wednesday. It is my fault. I am in bed with a very loud-beating and hateful heart for company. And I can't walk for the present. I must just keep still . . . Is there any way of removing the wrath of the Lord? It has pursued me for nearly three years. Oh, how I should love to have come! But you know, when I am better perhaps we can go out together again.
I wonder what you felt about our talk here. It made Murry very happy. I wish you could know him better. Do not wait for me. Its so useless to ever count on me. At the last moment I begin to cough and lve no breath. But I do so immensely wish you could know him - or would ask him to come & see you. Am I impertinent? Please forgive me if I am. I am writing in a little top room. The sun shines, faint, reluctant. But its pleasant here - so still. If only one can get ones stories written - if only one is allowed time enough!
I hope you will be happy on Wednesday.
With love to you both.
Yours ever
K.M. [To Violet Schiff in Collected Letters]