08 August

8 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

A.B.B. died August 8, 1918.

Charades. Roger of course commits suicide cuts his throat with a paper knife & gurgles his life away. Listen to me. I have been married to you for 15 years ...

The Dud. This is in Society. We know it all. Then Wyndham is his friend & his trouble appeals to him - in vain. One mustn't forget his writing table, is exquisite, and his graceful style of reply. To write a letter was a little act of ritual ... His rooms are off Baker Street - Upper Gloucester Place, in fact.

The daughter of the watch smith. Her piano playing. Her weak heart, queer face, queer voice, awful clothes. The violets in their garden. Her little mother & father - the scene at the baths - the coldness, the blueness of the children, her size in the red twill bathing dress trimmed with white braid. The steps down to the water - the rope across.

Edie has a brother Siegfried. 17. You never know whether he has begun to shave or not. He and Edie walk arm in arm ... Her Sunday hat is trimmed beyond words.

Oh that tree at the corner of May Street. I forgot it until this moment. It was dark and hung over the street like a great shadow. The father was fair & youthful to look at. He was a clockmaker. [KM Notebooks, undated]