06 July

6 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

[. . .] Dinner was over. There came a whiff of Fathers cigar from the hall & then the door of the smoking room shut, clicked. Mother went rustling to & fro to and fro - to the dining room door speaking to Zaidee who was clearing away giving Hans who helped Zaidee his orders for tomorrow - to the music room speaking to the girls - - Francie darling run upstairs & get me my cream feather boa will you? My cream one - out of the tall wardrobe. Come here child. How beautifully you've done your hair.
Really dearest? I just threw it up - I was in such a hurry. How mysterious it is that if one really tries to get that effect - -
Yes - isn't it.
There came a long soft chain of sound from the music room as though Meg had flung a bright loop & snared the dreaming piano.
We're going to try over Francie's new song, she said. This Life is Weary.
This Life is Weary, cried Mother. Oh dear - is it another tragic one. I can't understand why all these modern songs are so depressing. It seems so unnecessary - why can't one for a change -
Oh but its fascinating said Meg. And softly she played over This Life is Weary. You cant say you like Cupid at the Ferry better than that.
I do said Mother. I like songs about primroses & cheerful normal birds and - spring & so on.
But Francie came floating down the stairs with a feather boa. It wasn't in the wardrobe you little story said she, winding her mother up in it. It was among your hats. And then you always pretend to be so tidy & so amazed at us. [. . .] [KM Notebooks, undated]