05 July

5 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

[. . .] That hiss when you pulled the handle - Furious!
I know - I used to almost jump away like a cat. And the dumb waiter. A real man - enchanted one awfully of course - a real man. I was so sorry for him weren't you? because even if he'd been a man he was dumb - just bowing his head when you gave him orders, & wheeling silently away.

It always happens to me near midi and demi to simply expire of hunger.

Do you know she said dreamily, I think that new hair tonic is going to be a most marvellous success. Don't worry dear. The entire top of your head is covered with a trim of golden down, a trim of baby rabbit fur.
But you've made that discovery about every hair tonic I've bought for the fifteen years, said Father. The trouble is it never seems to get past the baby rabbit fur stage.
No, said Father gloomily passing his hand over his head, I think I'm doomed. I may be able to preserve about ½ a dozen hairs each side just to soften the picture - but can't hope for more.
Don't let's ever die she said in a low confiding whisper. Oh we won't said Laurie reassuringly. We couldn't - not you & I. Either the end of the world will come in our time or - something will be found out that stops people dying - some marvellous discovery, you know.
And gazing upon the boundless velvety sky it seemed to her the white moon & the joyful glittering stars were trying to attract their attention, were trying to say: it's quite alright. Don't be afraid. We know the secret - we know it already! [. . .] [KM Notebooks, undated]