03 December 1920

3 December 1920

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

I hasten to return this story which I haven't read & wouldn't read for £5. Oh no! no! no! Im sorry, Sir, but Im MUCH too busy - and Im not a bit - not a morsel interested. That is the harsh truth. And please, darling dont tell me about Madame la Princesse. Forgive me for saying this. But - - - the love story in the motor and so on - - - oh, dont tell me! For I can't just listen & keep quiet & if I do reply I shall only offend you. So, I am sitting here with about 5 bearing reins . . . & one bulls eye to keep quiet.
Thank you most awfully for all you say about Poison. I agree. If DeLaMare would do my book - Id rather him than anyone. Otherwise if you'll do it unsigned, love. If not - E.M. Forster. I mean yes, E.M.F.
And Id love a striped silk piece for my sofa - any colour you like.
Oh Bogey I caught your glimpse of Clovelly so plainly. I often turn & turn those days over - hold them up to the light - almost wear them again. What I thought I drew was a dove with a laurel wreath, Sir Peckham. You arent much of a finder out. The little picture of your [sic] in the D.M. [Daily Mail] hat is simply ravishing. Have you a revolver in one hand too? Boge - off to see his Fine Ladyes - is my name for it & it makes me laugh.
Its a pure silver day. I have a blue & white glass of tiny blue hyacinths on my table. The day & the flowers say - Greece, to me & if I were a poet they would have a poem. Its cold, though. I must knock off now. Tomorrow Ill write re Art & Morality & Paper. [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters 4 December, 1920]