01 July

1 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

My dear Sydney,
The idea that we might possibly get that house in your village for August is very exciting. Jack is awfully keen. I shall be much beholden to you if you do find time to inquire. [To Sydney Schiff in Collected Letters]

Bought and Paid for. A bouquet - all her expenses - sometimes only vegetables to bring away. Fortune teller & crystal gazer.

Can't you help me? Can't you? But even while she asked him she smiled as if it didn't matter so much whether he could or couldn't.
Mynature ... my nerves ... the question is whether I shall change or not.
Per-sonally ... you see him? And he has a friend, a confidant, an old
schoolfellow, small, shabby, with a wooden leg whom he has rediscovered He's married. The friend enters the new menage. Little by little he gets to know the wife. No tragedy. He feels like a one-legged sparrow. Talking together in the house before she comes in. "Is that you Beaty? Can we have some tea?"

Let the sparrow - let the sparrow. Suffer the sparrow to ... [KM Notebooks, undated]